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Certified, Organically Grown

Nearly twenty years ago, the decision was made by brothers Rich Poncia and Jim Del Bondio, to farm Del Bondio Vineyards organically, a process which takes a minimum of seven years to fully complete and one that is rare in the Napa Valley. The brothers harvested several excellent crops using organic production and decided to take their organic farming to a higher level by becoming Certified Organic Growers.

In 2002 the federal government tightened the requirements for organic farming. Many growers were unable to keep their organic designation, in fact it is estimated that there are less than 250 growers in California who have retained any kind of organic designation and in 2005, only 7% remained certified. DelBondio Vineyards proudly continues to be Certified Organic Growers and has been deemed an exemplary example of Organic Farming.

Del Bondio Vineyards and Wine Company is dedicated to quality, beginning at the vine. Rich and Jim supervise all of the leafing, pruning and weeding, which is a very labor intensive process. They do not over-produce the vines; rather they drop a considerable amount of fruit to be sure the correct most intense flavored clusters remain to produce the best juice. Because they are organic farmers, their defense techniques are accomplished through the use of organic compost. They feel it is a more difficult way of farming, but by not using herbicides and pesticides the true flavor of the grape is allowed to be stronger and more present.

The brothers’ philosophy is that the land will give greatness if taken care of properly.

The farming really makes the difference and Del Bondio produces a very high quality, sought after grape, which is evident in every bottle of Del Bondio wine.


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